Garfunkel and Oates… Will You Be My New BFFs???

You watch Garfunkel and Oates, right?  If not, you totally should.  Well, you totally should if you have my sense of humour (my family – that’s you).

Anyways.  I’ve been feeling pretty satisfied with my single status.  I have a great career, home, friends, family.  I had hummus and crackers for dinner and no one asked where the meat was.  I can pull clothes out of the laundry hamper and they still smell good.  Life is pretty darn great.

Online dating may be the least successful thing that I’ve ever done but at least it’s fodder for dinner parties.  I’m never without funny stories anymore.

But then I saw this video by these two awesome women (warning, contains a lot of profanity)

I’m 29.  And, I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling pretty much like 29 from the video.  Life is good.  It’s awesome.  It’s gonna happen, there’s no rush.

Am I a f*cking idiot?


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