Sorry Boys, This One Might Annoy You…

I saw this quote the other day on Pinterest…

I’m the girl.

You’re the guy.

You text me first or we don’t talk today.

I know that this is an old fashioned sentiment.  I know that it leaves all the pressure on the shoulders of the man.  I know that we are modern women and should grab life by the balls.

But, seriously dude, just text me first.  Ok?

(Actually, if you want to know the truth, don’t text: call me.  But that’s a whole other post).  

There are many reasons for wanting a man to initiate contact.  Often when a woman is the one to initiate the daily texts it is seen as desperate or pushy.  And a “Morning Beautiful” text every morning does nothing but make me smile.  Every. Single. Time.  There’s no risk here that I will feel suffocated.  I’m just going to feel good that you thought of me first thing.  It’s going to let me know that you are actually interested.

(Unless you’re the guy who has been stalking me via phone and text.  But, again, that’s another post).

I’m the girl.  It’s as simple as that.  I need to know that you are interested.  I need for you to make the effort.  If I’m not interested I will let you know immediately.  I’m not playing games here and I don’t want to lead anyone on.

I’ve chased a man in the past and I refuse to do it ever again.  It’s not fun.  (Welcome to Megan’s Emotional Baggage 101).  Expecting you to text first isn’t forcing you to chase me… it’s giving you the opportunity to take the lead.  To be the man.  I will respond and I will respond enthusiastically.  It will be worth it.

Oh.  And don’t just text “hey”.  That’s more annoying than you not texting at all.


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