The Best Pick Up Line Ever and Thoughts On Cuddles…

A guy sent me the best pick up line of all time earlier this week on Tinder.  I have copied a bit of our conversation below.  Please excuse my sad attempts at flirting (or whatever the hell I was doing)

Best Pick Up Line Ever

This line made me laugh so much that I continued to talk to the guy for awhile and we got on this conversation about cuddling.  Does it equate to sex (in my mind men always mean sex when they want to “cuddle”)?  He said no, that sometimes having someone to touch, without sex, was just nice.

And then he referred me to a website:

This is a thing.  Seriously!

It’s actually not the first time that I have heard of it recently.  I have heard of “cuddle therapists” who charge clients for cuddling sessions.  But I had never heard of “cuddle parties”.

I find it difficult to believe that this never leads to sex, that it is all as innocent as it is purported to be.  Reading their website, however, has convinced me that they are quite above board.  The facts section of the Cuddle Party website had this to say about singles:

We often have more singles than couples. Singles really appreciate the opportunity to enjoy some simple physical contact without, as one participant said, “getting into a situation”

I have to say that I understand why this appeals.  After my horrible day on Thursday all that I wanted was to come home to a hug and cuddle on the couch.  It’s natural to want these things and, frankly, unnatural to go without.

So I get it.

Yet I highly doubt that I will ever go to a cuddle party.

I just can’t imagine meeting a group of strangers with the sole purpose of touching each other.  My skin is crawling just thinking about it.

And I don’t actually find these cuddle parties creepy having browsed their website for a good hour this morning.  Maybe I just have issues, haha.  I kind of admire the people who can do this.


It’s so not for me.



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