Bah Humbug and Other Holiday Cheer…

This is the first Christmas that I have lived alone.  It is also the first time in my near 30 years (Oh God that 30 year mark is coming up quickly) that I haven’t gone to a Christmas tree farm to select a tree.  I haven’t bought eggnog, or fancy cheeses, or oysters (ew but necessary), or rum.  I haven’t played Christmas carols.  I haven’t put much thought into Christmas gifts, or wrapping paper, or my favourite Christmas movies.

I honestly think that my biggest issue this year is the lack of a visit to the tree farm.  I’m just not sure how else to kick off the season?  And I really don’t want a fake tree.  I’m certainly not sad about living alone, haha!

It’s the first time in my life that I am just over two weeks from Christmas and not feeling the spirit at all.

It’s so silly.  I don’t know why I’ve been struggling so much with getting into the spirit?  I mean, I’m so excited for my sisters visit.  And our New Years plans.  And my birthday (well, I’ll admit to mixed feelings about that one).

Overall though this Christmas is shaping up to be absolutely wonderful.

It’s just that decorating the house, buying the things that make Christmas special, all for one person… It feels kind of self indulgent and silly.

I mean, what’s the point?  I’ve been lazy about it.

But yesterday afternoon my parents came over and brought me this lovely little tree…


Mom made me go to my storage locker and pull out the boxes of Christmas stuff and we decorated the apartment while Dad read his book.

Then we went to the Legion for a pint.

Sometimes it just takes somebody giving you a push (or shove off the cliff) to snap you out of a bad mindset.

This evening I am reading my book with Christmas carols playing and I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll stop on my way home from work for eggnog and rum.  Because it’s okay to have eggnog and rum on a Tuesday at this time of year, right?

I love Christmas.


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