I Want To Marry Michael Rosenberg and Have His Babies…

Okay, not really.  I mean: he’d have to take me out to dinner first or something.  😉

In all seriousness though… I am obsessed with this song and have been for awhile…

Look up a better version if you like, I just think it’s so cool that Michael Rosenberg still busks that I felt the need to post this version.

The reason that I am posting this actually has nothing to do with the talented Mr Rosenberg and everything to do with the fact that this song reminds me so strongly of the lake.

And, though it’s only December, I’m already starting to long for hot summer nights, campfires, (fireball cherries), and midnight swims.

I know that our place isn’t on the sea.  But it is an old house (lmao!!!) and these lines remind me so much of summer with Grandma…

There’s a warm light, on a cold night and clean cotton sheets.

Soap smelling skin and tingling feet.


My hair will turn golden

And my skin will turn brown.

So no real message or anything today (yahoo!  I’m off my soapbox!).  Just a reminder that in roughly 6 months we will be able to jump into the water and sit on our hillside, far from the madness (or into our own unique version of it anyways).

I can’t wait!



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