I’m A Unicorn… Someone Should Totally Capture Me For Study…

I was first introduced to this video this summer, around the campfire, at the lake.  We all crowded around a phone and watched it, laughing hysterically at my redheaded hairdresser cousin (you’ll understand why after watching).  The video is a bit long but if you have 7 minutes to spare… well… you’ll probably laugh.

I love that they start all women out at a four.  😉

Men should also.

My favourite part…

…This is not a static environment.  This is a situation where you have got to use this matrix over time to develop some reliable data […] Because at any moment in time, any woman that you have previously located on this chart can vanish from that location and appear anywhere else on the chart.

I know that I have been all over this scale in the past.  I really do think that I’m reaching the unicorn zone though.  I’m definitely in the date or wife zone at the very least.

Dating is weird.  You have to find someone who fits you.  If you use the hot crazy matrix (haha) you have to find someone who appears in the right zone according to you.  A person that fits in someone’s date zone may be in another’s no go zone, ect.

You can meet hundreds of perfectly nice people.  Who just don’t fit.  And then, suddenly, someone who does.  It’s weird.  Just plain weird.

But I guess that that’s the way it works.

Unicorn, signing off.


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