Why Am I Writing This Blog???

Someone asked me the other day why I was writing this blog as opposed to a journal or something.  Why does it need to be posted publicly?

The answer is that I don’t know.  In truth I do write a journal… And, trust me, the stuff in there will never be read by anyone other than yours truly.  But the stuff that I am posting?  These are things that I think about, that are important to me, that I think will make others laugh or consider their own lives.

When I was in PDP we had to do a weekly reflection for the whole year.  Once per week (Sundays at 6pm) a one page summary of what we had learned that week was due.  It could be one thing.  It could be many.  Whatever stuck with you.  Most people hated these.  I loved them.  I looked forward to writing them.  I spent hours on each one, researching (I’m a sucker for research), and writing.  It was my favourite part of the week and the thing that I think taught me most about myself as I became a teacher.


I can’t say it any better than this so why try?

Writing helps me to put my thoughts into order.  It makes me realize what I think, believe, want.  I’m an open book anyways (ask me anything and I’ll give you an honest answer) so why not put it out there in this form?  I need lots of quiet time to reorganize my brain at the end of the day (hello introvert) and this is the perfect way to help with that.

I hope that people find it interesting, or applicable, or that it makes them laugh.  Honestly if I could give y’all a giggle on a bad day I’ll have succeeded.

The truth is that I’d be writing it even if no one was reading.  Simply because I like it.


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