It Feels Like Home…

I had a great morning.  I got up at a reasonable time (for a Saturday) and headed out to my favourite diner for breakfast.  I had had a hot shower so I walked down in just a t-shirt and jeans, sweater and book tucked under my arm.  It started to rain so I was soaked and my skin was nicely chilled by the time I arrived.  I don’t know why but I love the feeling of chilly skin.

(It’s no wonder it’s taking my lungs so long to recover from my recent flu.  My daily walk is currently leaving me gasping… got to love childhood asthma that never went away, blargh!).  

To put it simply: it was a good morning.  I didn’t have to order at the diner because they already knew what I wanted.  I had a long chat with the elderly couple sitting next to me about the weather, how busy the diner was, and why a “girl like me” is eating breakfast alone.  (LOL!).  I bought flowers and had a long chat with the shop owner about how his mother had just lost her drivers licence at the age of 89 and how that was probably a good thing.  I found some cute little inspirational signs for my classroom at the dollar store.  I browsed a few thrift shops.  By the time I headed home my arms were filled with bags, a huge book, and a bouquet of flowers.  I got to my apartment, opened the door, and the cat made a break for it down the hallway.  So I put everything down and went after her which led me into a nice long conversation with my elderly neighbour.

This is kind of a boring post.  The only reason that I write it is that it’s the kind of morning that makes me feel like I made the right decision in coming back to White Rock.  I still have very few friends out this way so it can get a bit lonely.  And I don’t like that my parents are 40 minutes away because I enjoy hanging out with them.  Regardless: this place feels like home.

I like waking up to the sound of seagulls.  I love that I can hear the train as it passes along the beach.  It blows my mind that I get to see ocean views Every Single Day.

It was the simple kind of morning that I want to commit to memory.  Calm, peaceful, stress-free, quiet.  The kind of morning that soothes my introverted self.

I hope that you all found some peace this Saturday morning as well.


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