My Self Esteem’s Not Low Enough…

I thought I’d share another Garfunkel and Oates video with you all.

I love these women.  They are smart and funny and their observations on life as a single woman tend to be spot on (to someone with my sick sense of humour anyways).

This song is brilliant.

I think that if it was 10 years ago and I was my 20-year-old self out there and dating… I’d be struggling.  I worry about that girl with the low self-esteem and wonder if she would have made smart decisions.  At 30 my self-esteem’s not low enough.

Posting this video isn’t based on any recent experiences, haha, though I did find many guys on Tinder who were looking for just this arrangement.  I wished them luck and sent them on their way.

I was really naive coming out of a 12 year relationship and into the dating world.  I apologize to all my friends who were dating and tried to talk to me about it – I totally didn’t understand!

I didn’t know that calls like the one above were the norm.  I didn’t believe that men would send me pictures of their… you know… as soon as they got my number.  (I’ve had more than one good dinner ruined by dick-pic induced nausea).  I didn’t understand that the guy who telephone stalked me for a few months would still be texting me at random times almost 6 months later.  (My skin crawls just thinking about him!!!).  It never occurred to me that I would be propositioned for sex several times a week and then called a “stuck-up bitch” by these same men when I don’t reply.

Regardless I truly believe the following:


I’m sure that the dick-pic guys will find girls who aren’t turned off their dinner.  That creepy stalker-boy will find a girl who loves being called several times each night.  That the sexual propositions will find enthusiastic takers.

Or they’ll all end up alone and that’s okay too.

Only one question left…

I wonder what weirdness I bring to the table???


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