Sometimes Resting Bitch Face Seems Like A Better Option.

A few weeks (possibly a couple of months actually) ago a homeless man walked up to me in the park where I was reading.  He asked if I would watch his cart and promptly wandered off without waiting for my response.  I sat for an hour, waiting for him to return, guarding the cart which contained all his worldly goods.  I was tempted to go through the cart but I restrained myself.  Actually I didn’t really have to restrain myself because that is something that I would simply never do.

This video came up in my Facebook feed this morning and I think it perfectly explains why a complete stranger would be willing to leave me, for an hour, with all his stuff.

Those who know me well know what my angry face looks like even if I am often told that I still look nice with it.  My family knows my resting-bitch-face and might be surprised to find that this video seems to better describe my relationship with strangers.  (Because they see resting bitch face too often?  Oops.)  But it does.

The guy who “saw her smiling at him”?  All the time.  Then she giggles and has to explain that she really isn’t trying to flirt.  Again, all the time.

The fact that if one more man tells me that I look “cute when I’m mad” my soul might actually die.  I mean, I’m trying to ream you out for some indiscretion and all you can do is tell me that I look adorable?  WHAT IS THAT?!  Please just let me be mad.  Take me seriously.

Most of the time though it’s a great way to be.  Strangers talk to me.  Children love me.  My students find me approachable.

I would like to give fewer directions though.  Mostly because I don’t understand the concept of North, South, East and West and this tends to frustrate the direction-askers.

Perhaps I should work on this…


I mean, wouldn’t want to get wrinkles, right?


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