Changing What I See…

I recently started watching “The Mindy Project” on Netflix.  It’s a great show, very funny, about a single doctor in her early 30s.

And she’s not skinny.

Seriously.  I had to google “Mindy Kaling Height Weight” because watching this show was screwing so seriously with my mind.  The results said that she was a size 8, estimated 5’3″, 150 pounds.

(I feel guilty and voyeuristic for googling this but I couldn’t stop myself).

In other words: she’s a normal, healthy adult woman.

And watching her on TV for a total of 50 minutes or so had me so discomfited that I had to search her size.

Not only was I shocked that this was a normal healthy woman – I was shocked that I am significantly bigger that Mindy.  I kept watching the show thinking that I was looking at someone roughly my size.  I was wrong.

I’m only halfway through the first season at this point (she just found out that Josh was cheating on her – poor Mindy!!!).  And there has already been more than one reference to her weight.  Negative references.

For example…

But Mindy is funny.  And smart.  And talented.  And hot.

She’s everything that I want to be when I grow up.

We need more Mindy’s on mainstream TV.  Women who don’t look like what we are programmed to expect.

It’s strange to realize that my views of my own body and other peoples bodies is so skewed that watching a normal woman on TV has taken several episodes to (almost) get used to.

In case you want some encouragement to check out this hilarious show…



2 thoughts on “Changing What I See…

    1. You are right and I’m really sorry if my title comes across as insensitive, that wasn’t my intention in any way. It was a comment that I pulled from the show and used because in my mind the show (and the fact that Mindy as an average woman stands out as “overweight”) highlights the reason that anorexia is becoming so prevalent. We have so few role models showing us what healthy looks like. No disrespect was intended.


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