The Fonz…


Have you ever had a really great first date?  One where there is electricity simmering between you, tangible, as you talk and laugh and fall over each others sentences?  Where he walks you to your car and your stomach nearly flies away as you pray that he closes the distance between your bodies?  

This was not that.650f161b22ed9b96acaa3db1e7199627

Last night I had a dinner date with a man I met through Tinder (Oh, Tinder…).  I wasn’t overly optimistic because, well, I’m not overly optimistic about dating or love or relationships in general at the moment.  But.  At the very least I would have dinner out, in a beautiful setting, and good conversation.

I got dressed in a simple jeans and black t combo that clung to my curves in all the right places.  I sent a picture of the outfit to a male friend who replied: “I’d totally fuck you”.  Good start, right?

Cue: The Fonz.

Last night I went out with The Fonz guys.

He was a perfectly nice guy who did everything by the book and who happened to like the fashion statement made by Henry Winkler in the late 70s.  Fair enough: fill yer boots.  But.  It’s so not for me.

He got really frustrated at trivia night and seemed extremely irritated when I shared our answers with the table sitting behind me.  It was trivia night at a bar!  Don’t take it so seriously!  I’m going to chat up people at other tables.  Get over it.

And I saw him wince at one point when I laughed (loudly).  I spent the rest of the night trying to be quieter.

I broke my rule of “drinks only” for a first date and let him take me to dinner.  He ordered an appy to share.  Then we ordered meals.  Then, though I specifically said that I needed to head out, he ordered a dessert for us to share.  As if I hadn’t even spoken.  A first date should not exceed 1.5 hours.  This was closer to three.  The only way I could have extricated myself was to have walked away.  Literally abandoned him at the table.  My good manners are too well developed for this.  But I get why women do it.  I really do.  Much more of this and I might start being rude.  (Self-preservation and all that.)


I don’t expect to have that great first date anytime soon.  I just don’t.  But dating is fun, people are interesting, and I enjoy going out.  So I’m going to go out.  Maybe that date will sneak up on me one of these days.  Or months.  Or years.

Until then.  There’s always The Fonz?


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