Happiness is a Habit…

Life isn’t something that we can control.  Sure we do our best.  Good little scouts we try to live by that motto “Be Prepared” and have all our ducks in a row for the unexpected.

And the unexpected happens and it turns out we prepared the wrong ducks.  Or we didn’t need ducks, we needed foxes.  Now we’ve got a fox killing off all our ducks and all our preparation is out the window.

Don’t lie.  You totally get what I’m talking about.

My life has felt like this for years.  Years.  You are driving down a particular road, thinking it’s all good, and, sinkhole ahead!, you have to take a detour.  Or a whole new route.  Sometimes a detour turns into a new route.  Sometimes a new route is simply a detour.

I’m getting pretty good at this drive.  At the quick turns necessary, about letting go as much as I can and understanding that this is simply the way life rolls out for most of us.

Too many metaphors?  Perhaps.

I am really starting to crave a routine.  A schedule.  Go to work, exercise, cook dinner, work some more, read, watch TV, meditate, bed.  I want to do this again and again and again until the ground that has been constantly shifting beneath my feet begins to feel solid once more.

I’ve been too busy for a long time.  Most days I rush from work to a social engagement and get home in time to go to sleep.  I don’t take time to look after my home, cook, or just be.  I frequently stay out until 1, 2, or 3am and get up for work the following day at 645.  I am constantly low on sleep, out of healthy food (because I haven’t grocery shopped in weeks), and unable to find clean clothes.  I live out of a suitcase.

It is interesting isn’t it?  Some of us crave routine, sameness.  Some of us crave adventure.  Some of us, the lucky ones I think, crave both.  I’d like a bit of both.

We are warned, and rightly so, against the lethargy of routine.



But what of the success of carefully selected habit?  The person who practices yoga consistently, or runs marathons, or plays the piano?  These people did not succeed because of a lack of routine.  They succeeded because the did the thing they wanted to do consistently, until it became habit, until it became a skill.

What do I want to become a consistent habit?  Organization.  Exercise.  Happiness.

(And yes, I do believe that Happiness is a habit)


I’m not certain how I am going to get there.  But I know it’s my goal.



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