On the other hand…

I wrote a big long rant about dating, love and men the other day.  And I stand by everything that I said.

I forgot to mention something though.  Dating, love and men?  They are totally awesome.


Here are some reasons…

  • Getting dressed up.  There is nothing like getting dressed up for a date and knowing that you look good.  Feeling confident and comfortable in your skin.
  • Buying a first date outfit.  Because every self-respecting single gal will have a killer first date outfit.
  • Butterflies!  Remember butterflies?  I know that they are simply hormones and lust gone amock.  But they are gone so quickly.  There is nothing like the feeling of that first few months in a relationship when you are constantly fluttery.
  • First Kisses.  (See above).
  • Phone calls until the wee hours.  Before you get practical and decide that sleep is necessary.  When excitement is sustaining you.
  • Late nights… Um.  You know.
  • The first time you exchange those three little words and you feel like your heart is going to burst from fear.  And happiness.

Dating, love and men are more wonderful than horrible.  There are feelings in those early days that cannot be replicated later in a relationship.  It is  moment to savour and to enjoy.  To soak up.

There are a million little milestones and one gets to enjoy them all.  And maybe we all hope that this is the last time.  But that heady feeling of falling in love?  It’s something to look forward to.



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