31 (Of My) Truths About Being A Woman…

I’ve been working on compiling this list for awhile.  These are my truths and may not reflect yours.  I hope that there is some thread for most of us throughout…


  1. Pantyhose are basically a disposable product.  They are also expensive.
  2. The whole pantyhose and panties thing is confusing.
  3. Speaking of panties… If you buy a fancy pair they will cause your period to arrive.  This cannot be avoided.  Don’t even bother.
  4. Tampons get expensive.
  5. Basically all forms of birth control rely on you compromising your body in one way or another.  Condoms also suck.
  6. No matter what your Grade 8 PE teacher told you: cramps really do hurt.
  7. Dress codes will inevitably place almost all restrictions on the girls for fear that they “show too much”.  Society starts slut-shaming early.
  8. Wine at home with a girlfriend is the most fun ever.
  9. Your sister is the best friend you will ever have.
  10. So is your Mom.
  11. You will call your Dad for household and car advice regardless of age.
  12. “You’re not getting any younger” is a statement that people actually make.
  13. It doesn’t matter how many comfy sweaters you buy… Your boyfriends plaid shirt is better than all of them.  You will steal it.  He won’t be impressed.  (Sorry J!!!  I promise I’ll give it back…).
  14. You wear the same bra, over and over, to a point that you really don’t want to admit.
  15. At least once in your life you will feel threatened by, and frightened of, a man.
  16. Sometimes you will feel like an invincible Goddess.
  17. Sometimes you will feel like a little girl who wants to hide back under the covers.
  18. You will probably be paid less than a man.
  19. People will judge you based on your decision whether or not to have a child.
  20. Some of your self-worth will become entwined with how you look.
  21. People with and without uterus’s (mostly without) will endlessly debate your right for choice.
  22. A pap is one of the least dignified moments of your year.
  23. There are days when your rights, as a woman, will feel fragile and threatened.
  24. The messages you receive about sexuality will be confusing and contradictory.  (Assertive means you’re dirty, submissive means you’re weak, liking sex makes you a slut, and not wanting sex makes you frigid).
  25. Women who hate other women do exist and they will try to shame you.  Cut them out of your life without remorse.
  26. If you want to stay at home… you will be judged.  If you want to go to work… you will be judged.
  27. You will be “too nice”.
  28. There will be men in your life who will see you, not your sex.  Each and every one of them is a blessing.
  29. You will love fiercely, and quickly, and deeply.
  30. Choice is the thing – your right to choose your path.  Protect this with all you have.  Don’t let it be taken.  It belongs to no one else.
  31. You will hope for a daughter one day and you will pray to have the strength that your own Mother did to teach her how to navigate this confusing, contrary, wonderful world.