Mindy Kaling… Will You Be My Best Friend?

Or my anything. I think I’m kinda in love with you.

A couple of days ago I made the mistake of reading Down the Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison.

Now, if you don’t know who Holly Madison is… You’re not alone. Holly Madison was Girlfriend Number One of Hugh Hefner for 7 years. Holly Madison had a couple of reality shows and a Vegas show after that. Holly Madison was present for several years when I was young and “impressionable”. I have a vague memory of watching a TV special highlighting Playboy which showed Hef and his (then) 7 girlfriends. I remember defending the lifestyle (“maybe they all really love each other”) to my Mom. If you know my Mom you know how that conversation went.

Holly Madison’s book wasn’t good. It wasn’t smart or self reflective.  It wasn’t the expose that it was lauded to be. It struck me as catty, as unnecessarily unkind to the other women featured on its pages.  It struck me as having very little soul. It bored me.

(It also caused me to google each photo shoot mentioned and spend an obscene amount of time looking at naked Playboy Bunnies which is never good for ones mental health).

I didn’t like it.

Wanting to refresh my brain and like women’s memoirs again I immediately picked up Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?.

I’m not even done reading it and I’m kind of in love.

(Mindy, call me!  I’ll be your bff forever!).

Mindy’s book is the perfect kind of memoir. Funny, self deprecating and, most importantly: smart. Mindy sees the world and in an understated way really cuts through to expose the core of what she sees.


Mindy is an apologetically intelligent woman who talks about makeup and clothes and shopping and seems to bridge both worlds.  I don’t think know how to do this: be “girly” one moment and then say something really fucking smart the next and just be both of these things.  A smart girl.  Mindy Kaling seems to be able to do this.


Mindy Kaling went to Dartmouth. I know less than nothing about American universities but I’ve heard of that one… So it must be a good one, right?

Mindy Kaling says stuff like this:

Me, on the other hand, whenever I lose, like, five pounds, I basically start wondering if I should try out modelling.

I’m the one who looks at the infant, smiles nervously, and as my contribution to small talk, roboticlly announces to the parent, “Your child looks healthy and well cared for.”

I love romantic comedies.

And I read Mindy Kaling say stuff like that and I’m like, yeah, dude, totally!, someone who GETS me.

I identify with her in the same way that I identify with Lena Dunham. It’s just that I think Mindy would UNDERSTAND the fact that I’ve never had a one night stand and LD would be like: oh, we’re soooo going out tonight. Tell J not to wait up.

(I love you too Lena).

Mindy Kaling has this wonderful ability to make you see yourself in her writing. I’m pretty sure that my Dad wouldn’t feel this way. But for a thirty-something woman?  She’s on point.

Mindy Kaling, you’re my hero.

Everyone else you should probably read her book.

I’ll leave you with this piece of infinite wisdom…